Hello 2022 Calendar

Posted on: Sat, 01/01/2022 - 17:49 By: journeyadmin

What a year! I like many others kept thinking this pandemic craziness is going to slow down a bit. But no it just keeps on giving like an overenthusiastic puppy that just doesn't know when to quit.

But there are good things that happen. My watercolour has been a great solace. Another novel. And started in April - a poem a day. So there is that.

The Run - 2021

Posted on: Sun, 10/17/2021 - 21:04 By: journeyadmin

Funny that I learn so late in life how important people are. There is no better illustration of this than the recent CIBC Run for the Cure 2021. Billed as virtual this year I didn't expect it to be much about people but it is.

This story actually begins back in June. I got an email calling for sign-ups for the CIBC Run For The Cure on Oct 3rd, 2021. I enjoyed the Run last year so I signed up. Might as well put all that running that I do to some kind of good use.


Posted on: Sun, 09/19/2021 - 17:15 By: journeyadmin

When Sandra asked me how many different advocacy projects I was involved in, I answered "Just a few." When I finished describing them, we scheduled another call to talk about what was happening in her life.

CIBC Run For The Cure - 2021

Posted on: Mon, 08/23/2021 - 19:47 By: journeyadmin

The time has come to think about the CIBC Run for the Cure. Yup I'm running again. And I have set an ambitious personal goal of $1,000. I'm part of the mentor team from the cancerconnection.ca forum and we have set a group goal of $3,000. Modest I know but it is our first time.

$500 load of laundry

Posted on: Thu, 07/22/2021 - 11:50 By: journeyadmin

Now you may be asking what my cancer journey has to do with a load of laundry. I'm going to ask you to bear with me and I will make the connection. In the meantime there is a story. I'm afraid it will take about ten minutes. Would you expect anything less? It's a good one. I promise.

Day 1 - June 30 - Morning

Birthday Party Time

Posted on: Fri, 07/16/2021 - 12:06 By: journeyadmin

Once again I have no clue who will show up. There were more than a few surprises (and some great stories) last year.

July 25th is my birthday. And in my honour, I'm doing it again. And no it is not a Celebration of Life (ie funeral before I die.) But it is another year that a few years ago I didn't expect to have. So I'm celebrating. I promise not to use an old angel food mix this year so I do actually have a proper angel food cake.

L'chaim - to life

Posted on: Tue, 06/22/2021 - 19:02 By: journeyadmin


Bare feet wiggling my toes in the grass. Must be summer time. I do have a Siwash sweater on and the rain is threatening as I write this. I feel good having the opportunity to sit and ruminate on the last few weeks.

This morning I was a bit preoccupied.

Moving On

Posted on: Wed, 04/14/2021 - 11:44 By: journeyadmin

Moving on

Less and less is my life about cancer, and more and more about living each day. A few days ago I used the phrase "the drumbeat of approaching death" with a close friend. The immediate reaction was "Is this your way of telling me that there is progression?" No it isn't. It is a struggle to live with the reality that someday this drug is going to stop working.  There won't be many options.

Eulogy for Deuce

Posted on: Thu, 03/04/2021 - 13:16 By: journeyadmin

As a very close friend said when I told her about Deuces' death, "End of an era." I suspect, though I have no way of knowing for sure, that he died of a broken heart. The three brother cats mourned Yvette's loss. When Limerick died the remaining two seemed to bond more closely. I would often come through to find them curled up together like yin-yang symbols.

Eulogy for O'Keefe

Posted on: Sun, 02/07/2021 - 16:25 By: journeyadmin

I miss him a lot. Several weeks ago I said a final good bye to my friend O'Keefe. He is the second to die of the three cats that I brought to Canada with me. He was the talkative playful one. His unflagging enthusiasm for the cat toy and the laser pointer kept me well entertained in this pandemic lock-down.

Thinking about O'Keefe's larger-than-life personality, I needed a way to say farewell. He was after all my lock-down companion. Hence a eulogy for a cat.

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