Pain in the Arse

Posted on: Wed, 06/19/2024 - 12:22 By: journeyadmin


After the 5K Give a Breath run on June 1st, my life took a bit of a turn and I ended up in hospital for four days. I'm going to recount what happened in some detail and it may be a bit graphic for those who don't live in a medical world. I tell the story as a reminder that immuno-compromised doesn't mean "wearing a mask" or jump to the head of the line in ER. It can be life-threatening.

Wild Ride

Posted on: Sat, 06/08/2024 - 21:34 By: journeyadmin


Life has had some pretty wild ups and downs over the last few weeks.

Beginning with the one of the joys though, I had the pleasure of pet sitting for a friend. I looked after their bubs (a less stigmatized name for pet rats)for a few weeks in early May while they accessed Ioboga treatment for chronic pain.( The bubs provided a lot of cuddles and joy in a busy time. I'm seriously tempted to look into a couple for my tiny space. I do miss having pets.

Tensions of Uncertainty

Posted on: Mon, 04/29/2024 - 12:14 By: journeyadmin



Planning seemed pretty straight forward but as the weeks passed with no chemo appointment, I started struggling. The low point came on a Friday afternoon when I went for my normal run and after 4K had to stop. I was coughing badly and couldn't stop. I finished the last kilometer hobbling and doubled over. I found myself short of breath on several occasions and it scared me. Is this how I'm going to die? Waiting for a charge nurse and a booking clerk to find a slot in schedule for me?

The Cough

Posted on: Tue, 04/09/2024 - 17:21 By: journeyadmin

Three weeks ago my oncologist's clerk called. They asked if I could make a scheduled phone appointment into an in person visit. With only two hours notice there really wasn't time to worry.  I picked up the phone and called my faithful caregiver, Sandra, wondering if she would  take part via phone in the consultation.

When the oncologist walked into the room, he looked at me and said, "We know what that cough is. Osimertinib has not been working at all. Your main tumour is growing and there are two new spots." Not unexpected but still a bit of a surprise.

Humbled and Grateful

Posted on: Sat, 03/23/2024 - 10:59 By: journeyadmin


"Strangely you have more reason to live after you learn that you are dying. There's more poignancy to moments. Joy in my sorrow. Death lingers in even the most innocuous of moments. Enjoy the moments of gratitude. Recognize the beauty and the tragedy in the world around me. There is an awesome amount of grace that I have been extended. The least I can do is return that grace."

Beach Sand and Travertine

Posted on: Sun, 03/10/2024 - 07:55 By: journeyadmin


 January and February were not quiet months.

Grant review for Health Care Unburdened took over January.   As the only patient on the review board, I was in a unique position to raise questions and concerns about grants. The CMA (Canadian Medical Association) will announce the winners in April and I will have more to say then.

February turned into a scramble to catch up on all the things that had slid into the background. Applying for more conferences, catching up on webinars and reading, and most importantly reconnecting with the others in my life filled my days.

Sunrise or Sunset

Posted on: Sat, 12/23/2023 - 15:04 By: journeyadmin


As I started writing this I was waiting for results from my bronchoscopy. In the meantime I was contemplating what is a major milestone in my cancer journey. To some extent I have withdrawn to think about this on my own. I was expecting results on the 12th but a mixup in a changed appointment resulted in the oncologist not having the results to give us the information that we needed.

Front and Centre

Posted on: Thu, 11/16/2023 - 08:18 By: journeyadmin


In the last of my fall commitments I travelled to Halifax for the CCRC (Canadian Cancer Research Conference.) Before I left though I had a meeting with my oncologist. This time I didn't get the expected "remarkably unremarkable" comment from him.

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