Updated September 2021

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer Canada Annual Report 2019

My Tagrisso story has been featured.

Lung Cancer Canada Patient Guide

This has been my guidebook on this part of my Journey

Lung Cancer in Canada

Scholarly Article from our own Dr. Ho


Male Breast Cancer

Male Breast Cancer Coalition

When I worked my way through the pink world this was the first site that was directed at supporting men.

Online Forum Resources


When I went looking for support groups I really didn't find any locally. But I did find this group online and have since made it my online support group of choice.


Music to calm the Savage beast

Sometimes He Calms the Storm


Heros and Fellow Travellers

I came across this idea on another lung cancer patients website (Jim Brown's Hold Fast Project). I like it so I'm doing it too.

Keith Eaton - My Oncologist

Kirk Smith - S4 Lung Cancer

Janet Freeman-Daily -Gray Connections - S4 Lung Cancer

Linnea Olson - Outliving Lung Cancer - S4 Lung Cancer

Don Stranathan - S4 Lung Cancer

Tori Tomalia - S4 Lung Cancer

Bonnie J Addario

Lisa Goldman - Every Breath I Take - S4 Lung Cancer