Posted on: Fri, 11/23/2018 - 07:37 By: akpratt

There are stories to be told but they are Yvette's.

I wanted to let you know that our story together is taking its final twists. On Sunday afternoon we made the decision to move to hospice care. Monday afternoon we moved to Whatcom Hospice.

After realizing that Yvette's confusion wasn't just morphine but ammonia accumulating in her blood, the doctor arranged for an abdominal CT scan that showed that her cancer has grown tremendously in the month since her first scan. Her liver is under tremendous pressure and is shutting down. She was able on Sunday night with the grace and fortitude of her brother see her mother - something she wanted with all her heart. Today (Wednesday) she will spend the day with her sister.

For those of you close by, she can have visitors anytime. I just ask that you give us a heads-up at 360 483 9366. We are both a little fragile and easily overwhelmed.

Those of you on Facebook will have seen our rendition of Amazing Grace sung a few years ago by the choir in church. Truly Yvette and I have experienced that amazing grace. From our local church folks; to friends praying around the globe; to family and old friends - the support of your prayers is being felt.